Climate Change Could Pose ‘Catastrophic’ Security Threat

Climate Change Could Pose ‘Catastrophic’ Security Threat

26/02/2020 0 Comments

Climate change threatens to create a “catastrophic” security dilemma with global reach, warns a report released Feb. 24 by the nonpartisan Center of Climate and Security. Rising temperatures, drought, [...]

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Anti-Pipeline Protests Shut Down Rail Networks

20/02/2020 0 Comments

Anti-pipeline protests have shut down rail networks across Canada as activists protest in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en people of British Columbia, who are fighting to keep a natural gas [...]

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Volatile Wildfires Require Continuity Planning

18/02/2020 0 Comments

Security and business continuity managers in fire-prone areas are rethinking their continuity plans due to the rising wildfire risk. For continuity planning, wildfires present business and personnel challenges, says [...]

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Remote Workers Prime Targets for Cyberattacks

12/02/2020 0 Comments

An increasing number of CISOs believe their employees will work remotely at least part of the time in the near future. The rising demand for a flexible work environment [...]

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Security Vulnerabilities on Buses

11/02/2020 0 Comments

A shooting that killed a person and wounded five this week on a Greyhound bus in California illustrates a stark reality about security on buses and trains: Anyone determined [...]

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Only Three of the Top 100 International Airports

5/02/2020 0 Comments

According to a recent report by cybersecurity firm ImmuniWeb, only three of the world’s Top 100 international airports pass basic security checks. The security check involved checks of airports’ [...]

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