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Oil and Gas Regulatory Compliance

6/12/2018 0 Comments

The National Energy Board (NEB) Onshore Pipeline Regulations (OPRs) sates that NEB regulated companies are to comply with various security requirements, including requirements under Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard [...]

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Privacy Management Programs

9/04/2018 0 Comments

Many organizations think that personal information is limited to only to documents containing their employees or customers personal information. Although this is true, any organization using CCTV cameras to [...]

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Lions Gate Risk Management Group – Silvercore Advanced Training Systems Strategic Alliance Announcement

2/02/2018 0 Comments

Lions Gate Risk Management Group and Silvercore Advanced Training Systems are proud to announce a strategic alliance. This alliance will help Lions Gate better serve its clients by expanding [...]

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How Social Media has Changed the Shape of Social Activism

31/10/2017 0 Comments

YouTube videos of security dogs with blood on their muzzles; video of mass arrests; makeshift shelters; armed soldiers; police in riot gear; live feeds of water cannons being fired [...]

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Challenges of 1-Man Executive Protection

19/01/2017 0 Comments

Lions Gate provides a range of executive security services across several industry sectors, including the energy and mining sectors, the entertainment industry, as well as lesser known local or [...]

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Public Servants Must Lead the Repair of Broken Neighbourhoods

9/01/2017 0 Comments

​The concept of broken neighbourhoods is not difficult to grasp. The panhandling, the drug dealing, public intoxication, gang activity, higher crime and nuisance activity, the general unkempt appearance of [...]

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Mental Health Literacy’s Place in Security Analysis & Management

2/11/2016 0 Comments

The term ‘Risk Management’ is most often thrown around in finance and insurance circles…. ​Risk managers and risk analysts specialize in identifying potential causes of accidents or loss, recommending [...]

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Designing Out Crime

3/10/2016 0 Comments

Crime and fear of crime have a considerable impact on both the life of individuals and their wider community. It is well documented that good planning and design have [...]

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Investing in Security Intelligence Can Be Fundamental to Success

12/09/2016 0 Comments

International developments, national events, state politics, local activism, community leadership – how might these impact business operations? What effect do they have on safety and security? Real-time awareness of [...]

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Designing out Crime is far more than ‘CPTED’

8/08/2016 0 Comments

I want to talk about CPTED briefly, and explain why its simplistic application of marketing to the wider world is also the reason for its often ‘tokenistic’ application and [...]

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