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Investing in Security Intelligence Can Be Fundamental to Success

12/09/2016 0 Comments

International developments, national events, state politics, local activism, community leadership – how might these impact business operations? What effect do they have on safety and security? Real-time awareness of [...]

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Designing out Crime is far more than ‘CPTED’

8/08/2016 0 Comments

I want to talk about CPTED briefly, and explain why its simplistic application of marketing to the wider world is also the reason for its often ‘tokenistic’ application and [...]

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Business Continuity: Lessons from the Burns Bog Fire

11/07/2016 0 Comments

Excellent Delta Public Safety Response Many factors influence the success of business continuity and the speed with which event affected communities and proximal businesses can resume. The right application [...]

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The Biggest Asset to Counter Terrorism in Canada is an Informed Public

27/06/2016 0 Comments

“The biggest asset to counter terrorism in Canada is an informed public. Measured and accurate communications from official sources can also counter rumours and deflect misinterpretations. Good communications in [...]

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From the Rio Olympics to the Orlando Nightclub Shooting: How Awareness can Mitigate Security Risks at Public Events

15/06/2016 0 Comments

Olympics, playoff hockey celebrations, sporting events, carnivals, parades, outdoor concerts, nightclubs, theaters, auditoriums: all festive events or locations that attract mass crowds of people. While serving to bring people [...]

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Security Intelligence as a Resiliency Building Tool

8/06/2016 0 Comments

In a world that is saturated by risk, it is those who are able to effectively manage these risks, and adequately respond to and recover from critical incidents that [...]

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