COVID-19 Risk Management

COVID-19 Risk Management

COVID-19:  Business Continuity and Managing Workplace Violence

The COVID-19 pandemic is a very real and present threat.  Canada’s largest Provinces are already experiencing a second wave and the virus will be around for the foreseeable future.  We still wait to see what the impact of fall and winter will have on the virus, but the prognosis based on the data is not good. Further restrictions and lockdowns appear inevitable as do ongoing mental health challenges.

The Pandemic has created different work environment risks which should be addressed using risk-based and performance-based management processes with a particular focus on reducing frustrations caused by COVID-19 restrictions, and the increased potential for incidents of workplace violence.

For businesses, whose business continuity planning has enabled them to survive to this point in time, three immediate questions present:

Our subject matter experts are adept at delivering services that provide the strategic advantage necessary for confident decision making in addition to their expertise in security crisis management. For companies faced with liability concerns, an objective, third-party study of critical issues is often preferred. Lions Gate Risk Management Group security consultants provide your organization with that objectivity, which is a distinct advantage when dealing with common security issues such as liability, due diligence, and insurance-related matters.

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