Lions Gate Research Core

Lions Gate Research Core

“Where research, policy and analysis meet risk management”.

Lions Gate Research Core drives successful projects by combining innovative approaches to social research and analysis with critical risk management understanding. We go beyond standard research and basic recommendations to deliver client-focused and data-driven results that provide critical strategic insights and actionable findings.

Lions Gate hand picks consultancy teams from their core panel of experts to see your research project through from start to finish.

Community Based Support and Research

Including social needs assessments. From traditional communities at the local, regional, Indigenous, and municipal levels to more broadly defined communities including educational and health care settings.

Policy and Program Reviews

SWOT Analysis, Benchmarking, Gap Analysis. Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Public Service and Private Sector.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Methodologies, issues-based, recommendations and strategy provision focused.

Community Safety Plan Reviews

Baseline Mapping, Stakeholder Consultation, Plan Review, SWOT Analysis, Benchmarking, Gap Analysis.

Organizational Change Management

Baseline Mapping, Stakeholder Consultation, Organizational Structure Review, Function Assessment, SWOT Analysis, Benchmarking, Gap Analysis.

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