Louis Laframboise

Louis Laframboise

Louis Laframboise

Senior Advisor & Consultant

Louis is a senior advisor and security consultant with Lions Gate Risk Management Group. He has been in the field of public & private security for many years and was the founder of a private investigation, security consulting, and protection services firm delivering those services.

Louis is a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer with responsibilities bridging commercial crime investigations, drug trafficking & importing, VIP protection and risk mitigation. With corporate security at the Royal Bank of Canada, he was an investigator and prevention officer, where he assisted in protecting assets (human, material & intellectual), solved several fraud cases and initiated employee-training programs aimed at crime prevention, also overseeing physical security at head office and bank branches.

Since 1987 Louis has been overseeing and/or has had direct involvement in hundreds of cases a year, to clients’ satisfaction. These clients were and are corporations, governments, firms of professionals, many with an international scope, operating in a multitude of fields & jurisdictions. The tasks and challenges brought forth are in relations to fraud, corruption, intellectual property, executive & professional athletes protection, crime prevention, security surveys, corporate security advisory, head hunting for senior security personnel and public security assistance such as police re-engineering processes. In the same time frame, he also acted for The Military Police Complaints Commission.

Louis was the Montreal Security Representative for the National Hockey League, acting as an advisor to the league, the teams, its executives, senior managers, and professional athletes, and in consequence acquired expertise with challenges that face professional sports, athletes and owners.

Louis has cultivated and maintained contacts worldwide, and was an active member of many local, national, and international associations. In 2001, was elected and served as President of the World Association of Detectives, Inc. (W.A.D.) from which in 2003, he received the award for Investigator of the Year, in 2004, was presented with a certificate and decoration from the “World Academy of Sciences for Complex Security” (WASCS) in Moscow, for being a major contributor for the industry of security. In addition to his professional training, he has a Law Diploma from Montreal University, administration courses, executive development at Queen’s University, which combined with business experience allows him to quickly understand issues & priorities of clients.

Louis brings considerable value to the Lions gate team broadening the talent pool and adding to the diversity. He has the expertise to advise & support clients with consulting services (security advisory, reviews & audits, strategic planning, crisis management, recruitment, professional sports); Protection services (executive protection, workplace security, labour relation disputes); Investigation services (litigation support, corporate issues, administrative-legal-compliance, fraud and extortion).

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