Security Partnerships

Lions Gate recognizes that security circa 2022 is more complex and convergent, with cyber threats, often surpassing physical threats in both gravity and volume. As security disciplines have become more diverse and specialized, we have adapted. 

In adapting we have needed to review our stance on affiliations with security companies. We formerly pitched our services as security concept driven with risk proportionality driving provision and not influenced by any affiliations or linked opportunities for sales. 

This we felt represented best value for the client. We did so because we know through experience that ‘some’ Installer/integrator security companies do saturate. 

We were and still are very aware that the skills possessed by a security consultant are very different from those of a security installer or integrator. On client projects we handed over recommendations and then referred the client to recognized standards for the next steps. Clients were not being shortchanged by us, but the service did not close their front to back solution requirement, leaving them work to do. 

In adapting and without compromising our position we as security consultants provide our trusted installer and integrator partners with security outcome performance requirements. In short, we draw on our extensive understanding of situational crime prevention and offender behaviours then detail for the installer/integrator, just what the client needs security to achieve, no more and no less, based on risk.

The installer/integrator has a take away and a non-technical terms of reference to apply technical solutions to, which can be audited once in operation to ensure it delivers on the security consultant outcome performance requirement. Best value for the client re effectiveness and budget. We have mastered this in tandem with our partners, and it is standard practice for a Lions Gate Security Consultant and Convergint Team to meet on site to meld the two disciplines.

We structure our teams to service clients based on identified client needs and outcomes. Lions Gate has developed and worked extensively with trusted partners, who can supplement our talented team, by giving us access to their specialists, including:


Electronic Security
Physical Security
Convergint Monitoring

Unitrust Protection Services (Canada) Ltd.

TCSM Counter Technical Intrusion

Taber Police Service 

24/7/365 Call Centre and Dispatch Service

“We have never been better placed to provide you with a front to back ‘design to response’ security solution”. Mike Franklin 

Aboriginal Partnerships

Aboriginal partnerships are part of our the Lions Gate core operating philosophy and our business. The Lions Gate ‘House Post’ Totem symbolizes the company family, our togetherness and protective nature, our strength as teachers and providers, and the leadership that steers us in the right direction. It also symbolizes the importance we attach to our relationships with First Nations communities and our work with those communities to create safer environments to live, work, play and learn.

Aboriginal Partnerships

With transparency and honesty at the forefront, our goal is to ensure prosperity for future generations of Aboriginal beneficiaries. We want to see the benefits of clients’ projects to be fully realized within the local community. Our parent company Scarlet Security Group partners with Aboriginal groups  to minimize the potential impacts on projects and communities, Scarlet is proud to be rated as Bronze Level Status with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and their Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program. The unique and productive working relationships developed by both Lions Gate and SSG have served the Indigenous community and the broader areas in which both companies operate.

We firmly adhere to the four pillars on which our indigenous partnerships are built:

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