Advancing strategic decision-making by turning information into value

Decision Support

Strategic Decision Support puts vital information necessary for critical decision-making at the fingertips of those who need it. Our team uses an intelligence-led approach that brings together analysis and strategic decision-making. This approach gives decision-makers the advantage that comes with in-depth knowledge and awareness of the full context within which their business operates.

The Lions Gate Strategic Decision Support team targets, monitors and analyzes precise information so that our clients are able to effectively advance and prioritize their strategic decision-making armed with up-to-date intelligence.

Whether operations are local or international, Strategic Decision Support integrates information from a variety of levels and sources. Our team monitors your business, your industry, outside influences, geopolitical landscapes and worldwide threats to keep you informed of the potential impacts to your personnel, assets, and organization.

Our approach strengthens informed decision-making at all levels, including daily operations, executive travel, risk management, community engagement and international projects, supporting the development of strategies that can position organizations for success in any environment.

Security Awareness Report

The Security Awareness Report captures relevant developments across regions and sectors to support and strengthen clients' critical business and operational decisions.

The Strategic Decision Support team filters out peripheral information in order to pinpoint key intelligence developments, deliver strategic forecasting, and highlight client-centered implications.

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Location Research & Risk
Assessments (R&R)

The Strategic Decision Support team provides in-depth assessments of key topics and geographic areas of interest deemed relevant to our clients based on potential security or corporate implications. These are generated through specific client requests, or executive and high-risk travel requirements. Travel specific assessments include a full analysis of the traveler’s planned itinerary to proactively identify potential disruptions and/or security threats.

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Background Research &

In-depth research and analysis into individuals and companies of interest help ensure assets are protected. The Strategic Decision Support team’s customized product integrates the basic elements of a background check with an analysis of the information to fill knowledge gaps, establish connections and identify potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, the SDS team conducts bespoke business research reports to enhance strategic decision-making.

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Marine Transportation Security

Ensuring marine client facility security plan compliance with regulations

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Marine Transportation Security Vancouver and Edmonton

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Getting security design right before breaking ground

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