Workplace Violence & Investigations

Workplace Violence & Investigations

Workplace Violence & Investigations

The difference between workplace violence investigations and workplace threat management, is sometimes misunderstood by employers and HR professionals. The main goal of investigating workplace violence is to prevent similar incidents from happening again. Threat management is more about diverting direction of interest, diminishing dangerous and concerning behaviors, and altering a path toward targeted violence.

Done well a pro-active preventive threat management strategy within a program can save an organization money, resources and reduce exposure to litigation. Within that threat management strategy, and also done well, a workplace investigation can save the organization money and resources, as well as, ensuring the health and safety of employees. It is neither one nor the other in isolation; it is a front to back, prevent, respond, support, approach that will generate return on investment.

Mike McCafferty Vice President, Risk Management Services

Threat Management Team Model

Because we can recognize “warning signs” for violence, Lions Gate Risk Management Group can assist in an advisory role or can work with you. We can help in developing a “threat management team model” for your organization, which is a viable and effective method for assessing violence. A ‘threat assessment and management team’ is a multidisciplinary body, assembled to assess and recommend management strategies for persons of concern and threats of violence.

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Workplace Risk Assessments

Policy And Procedure Development

Lions Gate Risk Management experts have assisted employers and applicable partners to jointly develop assessments, policy, and training for workplace harassment and violence prevention.

Program Development

There are four process areas – Defined responsibility, authority, and accountability for implementing the process – Resources, including people, finance, time, and equipment that support the process – The physical process itself, including policies, structures, and procedures, and – Controls, based upon feedback from monitoring and measurement of implementation. These break down further into seven key areas: Management Commitment and Employee Involvement – Workplace Violence Prevention Policy – Threat Assessment Team – Workplace Risk Assessment – Workplace Hazard Control and Prevention – Program Evaluation – and Training.

Workplace Violence Investigations

We have professional investigators who meet the competency criteria and who are also threat assessment professionals with first-hand knowledge drawn from personal and collective investigative experience, educational background, legislative insight, and specialized training.

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Background Checks And Investigations

Due Diligence

Federally Regulated Employers

The concept of “competent person” previously applicable to the investigator no longer applies. Instead, the Regulations provide the following requirements:

Investigators must:

  • Be trained in investigative techniques.
  • Have knowledge, training and experience that are relevant to harassment and violence in the workplace; and
  • Have knowledge of the Act, the Canadian Human Rights Act and any other legislation that is relevant to harassment and violence in the workplace.

The investigator should be subjectively impartial (seen by all parties, the complainant, the employer, and the alleged perpetrator, to be impartial)

Contact us to have a statement of investigators qualifications sent to you as set out in the regulations.

Scot Filer Chief Executive Officer

Scot completed a thirty year career in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police prior to launching Lions Gate Risk Management Group in 2008. Scot spent twenty-six of his thirty years in the area of Major Crime Investigations in British Columbia, the last eleven in the highly specialized area of Behavioural Sciences. Scot concluded his policing career at the rank of Staff Sergeant in charge of operations and investigations for the Behavioural Sciences Group.

Scot is an experienced major crime investigator and has led several important investigations and multi-jurisdictional projects. He has received law enforcement certifications in the areas of geographic profiling, threat evaluation and management, tactical human tracking, surveillance and executive protection. Scot has provided law enforcement services to agencies across Canada, as well in the United States, England, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Belize and South Africa.
He possesses an extensive resume of experience in criminal cases, including complex, multi-jurisdictional cases involving agencies at the local, provincial, national and international level. Multi-certified in best practice pre-emptive and investigative techniques, Scot is one of the foremost experts globally in the use of geographic profiling methodologies to analyze crime patterns and offender hunting behaviours. He is an insightful analyst and strategist whose advice has been sought by law enforcement agencies and private sector clients around the world.

Scot’s policing experience is diverse and includes, residential and commercial burglaries, arsons, auto thefts, criminal intelligence, gang related crimes, sex crimes, robberies, homicides, executive protection, interviewing and interrogation, statement analysis, crime linkage analysis, threat evaluation and management and tactical human tracking. He graduated from the Law and Security Administration Program at Niagara College in Welland, Ontario in 1977.

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Protective Security


Doug Maynard President and COO

Mr. Maynard has extensive experience in Policing at local, Provincial, National and International levels. With thirty two years of experience across all business lines in policing he was exposed to a multitude of situations and environments.

At the time of his recent retirement from the RCMP, he was the Superintendent In Charge of all Tactical Assets in the Province of British Columbia, including Emergency Response, Public Order, Dive Teams, Negotiators, and Bomb Disposal.

Mr. Maynard is also the President of the National Network group that Trains and Accredits all Critical Incident Commanders for all Police agencies in Canada, referred to as ACCIC or Association of Canadian Critical Incident Commanders.

Recent experience has taken him Internationally as an expert in Command and Control models utilized in other countries such as the United Kingdom, The United States, France, The Netherlands, Germany and Australia.

Mr. Maynard’s teaching experience involves the Canadian Police College, and the Justice Institute of British Columbia as an instructor of Critical Incident Command, Critical Incident Management, Incident Command Systems, Gold Silver Bronze, Initial Critical Incident response and many other Tactical courses.

He developed a series of exercises designed to develop and affirm the response mechanism to a terrorist attack across multiple locations for not only police, but government and other related agencies. This resulted in policy change and the adoption of Gold/Silver/Bronze as the method of Crisis Management.

Mr. Maynard was also one of the main architects of the RCMPs response to “Resource based, Culturally sensitive Protests” Given this experience he is well placed with Lions Gate Risk Management to assist with a partner response hand in hand with Law Enforcement and  contracted parties in relation to lawful and unlawful protest activities as it relates to major projects or resource based infrastructure.
​Upon his retirement from the RCMP Mr. Maynard accepted a position as President of Lions Gate Risk Management Group.

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Richard Moss Chief Financial Officer

Rick completed a 25 year career with institutional investment management subsidiaries of RBC Royal Bank and UBS AG. Rick joined Lion Gate Risk Management Group in 2008.  In 2011, Rick became a partner in the firm, and is now responsible for all administrative and financial functions of Lions Gate and the security guard subsidiary, ARC Protection Corp. Rick has a BA in Commerce from the University of Alberta.

Mike Franklin CPP®, ADCertED&CP, SAFE-APTM, LCGI Vice President Risk Management & Community Safety

Mike brings over 40 years of security experience to risk management. As Vice President of Risk Management and Community Safety, he has led and continues to lead multiple security risk assessments, and designing out crime ‘new build’ projects. He also develops community safety and security assessment programs for beleaguered communities, and produces ‘security operations plans’; and ‘security management programs’ for all client sectors. He is well versed in federal, provincial, municipal and international assessment methods and their applications, and applies fixed and/or hybrid risk assessment methodologies to meet specific client needs, for public entities at all levels of government; and private entities, from blue chip clients to critical infrastructure clients, for energy sector clients, to commercial and business sector clients; and First Nations clients, education sector clients and the Courts. As a highly competent critical thinker and problem solver Mike supports the Lions Gate Research Core in comprehensive research projects also for high profile public and private clients.

Mike was trained by the UK Security Service and is a leader in situational security and integrated security systems and solutions including security technologies. Mike has been responsible for designing sophisticated networks that are appropriate, realistic and risk commensurate, and developing outcome specifications for deployment in both public and private domains.

Mike draws on his career experience on two continents to deliver balanced and effective layered security solutions for the client, that properly mitigate risk, requiring no more than necessary measures and technologies to achieve that outcome. This includes military service with the UK Royal Air Force, Police Service in the UK with Northamptonshire Police, Director of the European Secure Vehicle Alliance an Associate Parliamentary Group (APG) to the UK Government, and Director of the Brackmills Industrial Estate Management Board. In Canada, Municipality service with the City of Surrey, as the Director of Screening Operations at Vancouver International Airport; and the handpicked Community Safety Lead on the internationally assembled Community Safety Group behind the Regina Global Transportation Hub new build in Saskatchewan. Mike has also been trained by the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch in Integrated Security Systems and the UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office on Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.

Mike is board certified in security management by ASIS International and is a Certified Protection Professional. The Certified Protection Professional (CPP)(r) credential is globally recognised as providing demonstrable proof of knowledge and management skills in seven key domains of security; Security Principles and Practices, Business Principles & Practices, Investigations, Personnel Security, Physical Security, Information Security and Crisis Management. Mike has an Advanced Certificate in Environmental Design and Crime Prevention, a Licentiateship (LCGI) Higher Professional Diploma, SVQ/NVQ level 4. Mike has an IVQ Advanced Diploma, Level 3 International Award and Certificate in Delivering Learning and taught law enforcement officers and senior security managers for the UK Home Office and the UK National Policing Improvement Agency. Mike is a SAFE Design Accredited Professional (SAFE-AP(tm)) and accredited trainer and a Transport Canada Marine Facility Security Officer (MFSO).

Mike has been recognized with awards for quality of service by the US Security Service, Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority, Northamptonshire Police, Secured by Design UK and was part of the team receiving the Deputy Prime Minister’s Urban Renaissance Award in 2002.

Whatever your security risk management needs Mike has the knowledge, skills and abilities to support you, securing optimal return for your security investment. Give him a call on 1-604-383-0020 and for a more detailed insight visit

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Alison Sherley, PhD Vice President Business and Investigative Intelligence

Alison brings a high level of academic and operational achievement to Lions Gate Risk Management Group. As the Vice President of Business and Investigative Intelligence, Alison specializes in strengthening critical decision-making abilities through intelligence, due diligence investigations, and risk management analysis. She has fifteen years of intelligence analysis experience, providing strategic and tactical direction to law enforcement and the private sector.

Prior to joining Lions Gate, Alison worked as an intelligence analyst for the Calgary Police Service in their Major Events and Emergency Management Unit.  She developed the Triage & Risk Assessment process used by the Service for major planned and emergent events in the city of Calgary. This process includes the identification and assessment of threats and vulnerabilities to public safety, officer safety, critical infrastructure, and property.  As part of the CPS operational planning team, Alison completed comprehensive assessments on major events including the Calgary Stampede, the Red Mile, Dashmesh Parade, Pride Parade, and countless protests, advising on threats and mitigation strategies to reduce risks and potential impact on the Calgary community.

Prior to this, Alison worked for 8 years as a criminal intelligence analyst for the Calgary Police Service Criminal Intelligence Unit. Her role was to identify and assess organized crime issues and prioritize enforcement targets.  She was integral in the establishment of the Calgary Police Service Anti-Corruption Unit, developing standard operating procedures and best practices while providing tactical and strategic analytical direction as part of the investigative team.

Alison has training in the Incident Command Systems (ICS) model (Level 200) and has worked with several Incident Command Teams in response to major events. Alison is well versed in research methodology and statistics, and has professional training and experience in Violence Risk Assessment and Management, Special Event Safety and Management, organized crime investigations, intelligence analysis, telecommunications analysis, and analytical platforms including I2 Analyst Notebook and Palantir. Alison holds a Ph.D. from Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, a Masters in Criminal Justice from Rutgers, and a Masters in Sociology from the University of Calgary

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Mike McCafferty ASP, CPP® Vice President, Risk Management Services

Mike McCafferty is an Accredited Security Professional with over 20 years of experience in corporate security, forensic healthcare security, law enforcement, Provincial and Municipal government environments. Before joining Lions Gate Risk Management Group, Mike was a founding member of the British Columbia Sheriff Services Integrated Threat Assessment Unit. For more than a decade he provided specialized expertise in the analysis of risk and threat, case management, infrastructure vulnerability analysis, and gained extensive experience in the planning of high security / high profile events. Mike is one of the most knowledgeable and well-respected operational planning experts in North America and has led the security planning for some of the most notorious criminal trials and events in Canadian history.

Mike has Incident Command System training (Levels 200 and 300) and has practical experience working at Provincial Region Emergency Operations Centre (PREOC) during live activations. Mike is an Accredited Security Professional (ASP) with the Canadian Society for Industrial Security, as well as a Board-Certified Protection Professional (CPP) with ASIS International. More recently, Mike has completed training, and achieved certification, as a Marine Facility Security Officer (MFSO).

As an accomplished Instructor, Mike holds a certificate in Instructional Design and has delivered training in metal detection, x-ray object recognition, non-firearm prohibited weapons, contraband and concealment, advanced vehicle escorts, and high-level operational planning.

Mike has received many awards and citations for his planning efforts including the 2011 Ministry of Attorney General Award for innovation as a member of the British Columbia Sheriff Integrated Threat Assessment Unit. His work in the field of high security planning has been published internationally, through the “Journal of Healthcare Protection Management” and he has been recognized for his leadership in “The Pickton File” – Authored by Stevie Cameron published by Knopff Canada.

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Gordon Aristotle Vice President, Financial Investigation and Advisory Services and Ontario Operations

Prior to commencing with Lions Gate Risk Management Group, Gordon Aristotle was a law enforcement officer for 24 years including 17 years of management experience and 4 years as a commissioned officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). When he retired from the RCMP, Gordon was responsible for providing national operational oversight, guidance, planning and support to the National Financial Crime Program. He also represented Canada and the RCMP on numerous domestic and international committees and working groups including the International Monetary Fund – Financial Action Task Force, the Arin-Carib Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network, the CARIN Inter-Agency Asset Recovery Network, the National Integrated Market Enforcement Team (IMET) Working Group and several Government of Canada federal committees to advance money laundering and proceeds of crime initiatives.

Gordon’s RCMP career has taken him to Saskatchewan, British Columbia, the Greater Toronto Area and the National Capital Region. His criminal and regulatory financial investigation expertise was developed by working as an investigator and/or a manager in the Commercial Crime Section, the Integrated Proceeds of Crime Section, IMET, the Joint Securities Intelligence Unit and at the RCMP National Headquarters as the Officer in Charge of Federal Policing Criminal Operations – Financial Crimes. His financial investigation expertise is diverse and includes domestic and international money laundering, proceeds of crime, securities market enforcement, corruption, counterfeit currency, financial intelligence, and mass marketing and other serious frauds. He has extensive operational experience as a team commander, primary investigator and affiant on numerous high profile, complex, domestic and international financial investigations.

Gordon has an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Brock University, real estate education from Humber College and the Canadian Securities Course from the Canadian Securities Institute. He has prepared financial crime educational material and lectured to criminal, regulatory and private sector managers, investigators, accountants, lawyers and intelligence analysts in Canada, USA, Panama, Italy and France.

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Steve Brown Director of Operations, Surveillance & Investigations

Steve Brown, formally with the Queensland Police department, Australia, brings 35 years of investigative and surveillance expertise to Lions Gate Risk Management Group. Steve, considered to be one of the leading surveillance experts in Western Canada, oversees and directs LGRMG surveillance operations.

Steve is available for a consult on your investigative or surveillance needs.

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Surveillance and Investigations

Dutchy Charna Operations Manager

Dutchy completed 35 years in Policing with the Delta Police Department retiring as the Inspector Community Services Emergency Planning in December 2015.  He brings a wealth of experience to his Operations Manager position with Lions Gate, which adds considerable value to our service delivery.  This includes his command and control experience for major labour disputes, community events and emergency management.

That integrated value is no more evident than when his oversight responsibilities as the Officer in Charge of Operational Support Services and Community Policing in Delta are reviewed.  In this role Dutchy accumulated experience managing 14 different units, including the integrated dog section, intelligence management, street crimes, community relations, special events planning, First Nations policing, community health intervention, the joint marine unit and victim services.

Just hitting the recognition headlines Dutchy has been recognized for his services to policing receiving a 30-year Exemplary Service Medal and Bar in October 2010, Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal in November 2012, and the Times of Canada Excellence in Community Service Award.

His Lions Gate Operations Manager role is underpinned by extensive training and experience within Emergency Management BC and the Incident Command System (ICS) plus Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Programs.  Dutchy is a trained tactical response incident commander with training in hostage negotiation.

Dutchy has a strong track record of working successfully with diverse community groups in Delta; Sikh, South Asian, broader Indo-Canadian Communities, and community youth

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Louis Laframboise Senior Advisor & Consultant

Louis is a senior advisor and security consultant with Lions Gate Risk Management Group. He has been in the field of public & private security for many years and was the founder of a private investigation, security consulting, and protection services firm delivering those services.

Louis is a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer with responsibilities bridging commercial crime investigations, drug trafficking & importing, VIP protection and risk mitigation. With corporate security at the Royal Bank of Canada, he was an investigator and prevention officer, where he assisted in protecting assets (human, material & intellectual), solved several fraud cases and initiated employee-training programs aimed at crime prevention, also overseeing physical security at head office and bank branches.

Since 1987 Louis has been overseeing and/or has had direct involvement in hundreds of cases a year, to clients’ satisfaction. These clients were and are corporations, governments, firms of professionals, many with an international scope, operating in a multitude of fields & jurisdictions. The tasks and challenges brought forth are in relations to fraud, corruption, intellectual property, executive & professional athletes protection, crime prevention, security surveys, corporate security advisory, head hunting for senior security personnel and public security assistance such as police re-engineering processes. In the same time frame, he also acted for The Military Police Complaints Commission.

Louis was the Montreal Security Representative for the National Hockey League, acting as an advisor to the league, the teams, its executives, senior managers, and professional athletes, and in consequence acquired expertise with challenges that face professional sports, athletes and owners.

Louis has cultivated and maintained contacts worldwide, and was an active member of many local, national, and international associations. In 2001, was elected and served as President of the World Association of Detectives, Inc. (W.A.D.) from which in 2003, he received the award for Investigator of the Year, in 2004, was presented with a certificate and decoration from the “World Academy of Sciences for Complex Security” (WASCS) in Moscow, for being a major contributor for the industry of security. In addition to his professional training, he has a Law Diploma from Montreal University, administration courses, executive development at Queen’s University, which combined with business experience allows him to quickly understand issues & priorities of clients.

Louis brings considerable value to the Lions gate team broadening the talent pool and adding to the diversity. He has the expertise to advise & support clients with consulting services (security advisory, reviews & audits, strategic planning, crisis management, recruitment, professional sports); Protection services (executive protection, workplace security, labour relation disputes); Investigation services (litigation support, corporate issues, administrative-legal-compliance, fraud and extortion).

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