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TG Alliance Inc.


Lions Gate is delighted to announce a partnership with TG Alliance Inc. (TGA) is a 100% First Nation (Squamish Nation members) owned business focused on the development, negotiation and management of reciprocal business relationships, partnerships and joint ventures. TG Alliance Inc. build Indigenous capacity and capabilities for industry projects and operations with the goal to maximize the participation of local Indigenous communities. TGA balance economic benefits and competitive supply chain principles to achieve best value.

To qualify Lions Gate’s partner status, it helps to understand that:  TGA leverages its Indigenous procurement network and supply chain knowledge to qualify only partners that:

  • Are established, qualified and competitive industry leaders
  • Understand and respect Indigenous rights & title, governance, culture and traditions
  • Demonstrate excellent environmental and safety performance
  • Incorporate training, employment and career development of Indigenous workers
  • Are committed to subcontracting with local Indigenous suppliers
  • Whenever possible, TGA partners with Indigenous owned businesses

Lions Gate is already engaged with First Nations communities in their current client list, and already driving an agenda which empowers those communities to be more self-sufficient.  We are not only delighted to meet the criteria but excited to be a part of growing First Nations communities forward.

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