Financial Investigations

Financial Investigations

Lions Gate’s Financial Investigation and Advisory Team conducts high quality financial investigations for public and private sector clients. Prior to commencing any investigation our experts work to design the most efficient and effective investigative plan. These plans are designed to meet the objectives of the client, using the fewest resources possible and the most effective techniques.

The Lions Gate Financial Investigation and Advisory Team specializes in:

All too often companies are victimized by the actions of insiders who use their positions for personal gain to the detriment of the company.  When you suspect your company has been adversely affected by internal theft, embezzlement or insider trading, our team of investigators and SME`s can provide discrete, efficient, timely and cost-effective investigations.

Fraud can occur in many ways, but all can have a devastating impact on individual, corporate, or government victims. Our team has dedicated their professional careers to dealing with all manner of fraud and other financial crimes. The knowledge and expertise possessed by our subject matter experts results in timely, efficient and cost-effective investigations.

Lions Gate’s Financial Investigations Team of lawyers, forensic accountants, computer forensic experts, investigators and analysts are experienced in money laundering, proceeds of crime, asset tracing and recovery investigations. Collectively, the members of our team have supervised and led numerous complex money laundering investigations leading to significant restraints and forfeitures.

Important decisions are carefully made with information that is known, but sometimes relevant information is purposely withheld. This can lead to ill-advised investments and increase the risk of civil, regulatory, and even criminal repercussions.  The Lions Gate Financial Advisory Team can uncover important and relevant information which supports our clients in making informed decisions in relation to Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions, Initial Public Offers, and Source of Funds determination.

Investigation Techniques

The Lions Gate Investigations and Advisory Team uses specialized investigation techniques to conduct investigations, including:

We will analyze where money comes from, how it moves and how it was used. Lions Gate can deploy forensic accountants who combine their expert investigative, audit and accounting skills to understand, uncover and explain financial irregularities. When required, we will present the evidence in support of civil or criminal processes.

Our Team has significant training and diverse experience in planning and conducting witness interviews and suspect interrogations. Lions Gate has law enforcement trained and certified polygraph examiners available when required. We will deploy these resources in isolation or as part of a larger financial investigation plan.

Lions Gate has a team of trained surveillance operators who are deployed to observe a subject’s movements and activities and record that information using video, photos and written notes. This information can become useful direct evidence in an investigation or be used to initiate new lines of enquiry.

Almost all complex financial investigations involve digital evidence.  Our team of computer forensic experts are certified and experienced in the examination of digital devices. Subjects of financial investigations will use various methods to obfuscate, delete or encrypt information. Our SME’s will locate, image and recovery of information found on these devices and present this evidence in criminal or civil proceedings as required.

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the science of mining the Internet for information. The internet is one of the greatest sources of information and evidence if you know where to look.  Lions Gate’s online investigators are trained and experienced in the mining, extracting and analysis of digital information. Vetting personal work histories, education, group memberships or family and friends can become part of a background investigation, due diligence enquiry, or identify leakage of confidential commercial documents originating from your data networks. These services can be used in isolation or as part of a larger financial investigation.
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When necessary and appropriate to do so, Lions Gate can deploy specially trained team members to conduct online and in person covert operations to acquire evidence.  This service can be used as part of an investigation to prove the elements of an offence, or to generate intelligence that will assist our clients with decision making on critical issues or opportunities.

Working with Lions Gate Risk Management

Clients engage our services to receive expertise and procedural knowledge.

Our Team is comprised of experienced, area-specific investigators and certified, knowledgeable subject-matter experts (SME’s).  Our investigators and SME’s have had lengthy careers in specialized commercial crime, proceeds of crime, money laundering and securities enforcement units.

Clients receive well documented reports containing factual results obtained during overt and/or covert investigation and analysis processes.

When engaged by your Legal Counsel our reports are payer protected confidential work product.  Our high-quality investigations are designed to meet your objectives, while using the fewest resources possible and the most effective techniques and methods.

The Lions Gate Financial Investigation and Advisory Team works collectively to provide our clients timely, efficient and cost-effective results.

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