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Security incidents are more unpredictable now than they have ever been, and it has never been more important to routinely assess risks; and have established security plans with broader security management programs in place. Our team of security consultants have considerable experience in applying fixed and / or hybrid risk assessment methodologies to meet specific client business needs.  We are well versed in federal, provincial, and international methods and their appropriate application.  We have operated in public and private sector environments.

We can guide you through your statutory security obligations, and where there is crossover, your occupational health and safety obligations, to enhance both while also reducing your exposure to litigation.

Security Management Programs Vancouver

Security Management Programs

A Security Management Program is an ongoing process to ensure that clients security threats and associated risks are identified and managed with appropriate mitigation and response procedures.  These procedures are designed to reduce or prevent the impact of security incidents and how they impact people, facilities and information assets.

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Security Risk Assessments

The Lions Gate Security Risk Management Team can apply fixed and / or hybrid risk assessment methodologies to meet the specific requirements of any client in any industry.  In our experience the complexity of some risk assessment methods means recommendations may not be properly integrated into the management decision-making process.  We overcome this by working with the client to deliver assessment products with recommendations that are, easily interpreted, justified, prioritized, focused, and being relevant, actionable.

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Security Risk Assessments Vancouver, Calgary

Regulatory and Legislative Compliance

Lions Gate Security Risk Management Group has an experienced qualified team ready to assist companies needing to identify and then meet the requirements under the following Regulations, Standards and Directive.

Transport Canada Marine Transportation Security Regulations (SOR/2004-144)

CAN/CSA Z 246.1 - Security Management for Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry Systems

CAN/CSA Z276.15 - Liquefied natural gas (LNG) Production, storage, and handling

CAN/CSA Z246.2 – Emergency Preparedness and Response for Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry Systems.

Alberta Energy Regulator Directive 071: Emergency Preparedness and Response Requirements for the Petroleum Industry

Outside of energy sector compliance requirements and for other statutory legislative requirements we provide an industry specific insight, and this includes among many other areas the Security Services Act, Privacy Laws, Security Licensing, Freedom of Information Act, Personal Information Protection Electronic Devices Act (PIPEDA), OHS Work Safe Regulations. We are extremely familiar with the occupier's liability act and the litigation exposure faced by organizations that do not exercise their duty of care by providing security that is demonstrably reasonable and prudent.  In providing proportional layered security supported by considered programs, policies, procedures and protocols; we equip the client with a strong defense against any claims.

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Security Incident Management Response Program

Path to Excellence (P2X) is a modified law enforcement crisis management process for corporations that engage in large scale projects that experience long term or significant opposition.  It is a process that has simplified lines of reporting and communication for the management of mass events either planned or emerging.   It enables decision makers to accurately assess the risk, manage resources, plan for contingencies, communicate desired outcomes and coordinate a resilient response across all agencies.  It also enables the decision maker at each level to articulate the direction based on span of control.  P2X provides the decision maker with a decision-making tool.

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Security Incident Management Response Program

Behavioural Threat Assessments

Using valid and reliable threat assessment tools and guides, Lions Gate’s board certified Threat Specialists conduct behavioural threat assessments to predict the likelihood of violence toward the targeted person. This type of threat assessment requires collecting and evaluating information and assessing the credibility and level of threat posed.

Equally important elements in the process include:

  • The development of risk mitigation and intervention strategies
  • Communication with and education of corporate decision makers
  • Monitoring of the situation to ensure the safety of the targeted employee(s).

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Community Safety and Security Assessments

Our CSSA program is designed to assist communities that suffer from higher levels of crime and nuisance activity.  It can be applied in any community setting; industrial, retail, commercial, residential, or mixed use. Beneficiaries of this service could include municipalities, business improvement associations, property management groups, mall management, etc.

Our third-party standing is advantageous because we can provide objectivity in our recommendations to address issues, appropriately balancing enforcement strategies with physical and situation-based approaches.

We will also offer strategies to reduce the risk of offending and re-offending, by promoting effective protection programs.  The program outcome is a report that includes rationalized, supported recommendations that enables those with the authority, to act.  Reclaiming a community requires a coordinated effort and we can provide the road map.

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Personnel Security Training / Awareness

Lions Gate can support the client in the development, implementation, dissemination, documentation, review and updating of a personnel security process that addresses the protection of employees and other on-site personnel.  This includes a security training and awareness component with a library of off the shelf security courses and modules, and content, that can be tailored for specific clients.

We also address roles and responsibilities, management accountability, and identify protection measures and policies and procedures to facilitate the implementation of personnel security measures

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Policies / Procedures / Programs / Standards - Development

We work with our clients to develop their security policies detailing the overall intentions and directions of the organization and then through procedures, including standard operating procedures, document the steps that define specific activities.  We also pay attention to processes i.e. activities, tasks, decision points, and resources, required to support a security policy.

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Organizational Security Risk Management (OSRM)

OSRM is a management process used effectively to manage security risks, both proactively and reactively across an organization.  OSRM continuously assesses the full scope of the security risks to an organization.  Following the OSRM approach helps your organization define the road map for responding to security risk challenges.

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