Surveillance is an effective investigative tool utilized by private investigators and law enforcement personnel for gathering evidence and intelligence in support of higher level decision making.

Trained Lions Gate investigators discreetly observe and document the behaviour and activities of individuals on behalf of law firms and corporate clients. Written reports, videos and photographs are provided to support their observations and further the investigation process.

Physical surveillance can include following people on foot; mobile surveillance in a vehicle; counter-surveillance to determine who else is watching; or static surveillance at a fixed point.

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Corporate Investigations

In a corporate environment reputational risk and liability are of paramount importance.   Corporate investigations help to resolve a wide range of concerns within an organization. Lions Gate investigators identify the facts and determine the what and why of a situation. Once these questions have been answered, an assessment of corporate or employee liability and risk is initiated. Processes and corrective actions are then implemented  to manage risk and prevent recurrence.  The Lions Gate team ensures a thorough investigative process that supports informed decision-making and, when required, contributes to the initiation or defence of the litigation process.

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Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud costs individuals and businesses in Canada billions of dollars annually. Property and personal injury fraud has become an industry, driving the insurance business to become increasingly sophisticated in its processes to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.  Lions Gate operates a significant service that is dedicated to support insurance providers in Canada. We provide a large and experienced team of surveillance operators and investigators who are tasked to collect factual information and supporting evidence for our clients in defence of false and inflated insurance claims.

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Civil and Domestic Investigations Vancouver, Calgary

Civil and Domestic Investigations

Civil and domestic investigations identify critical information to support litigation processes and legal hearings. Lions Gate Risk Management Group has experienced resources that can be deployed to civil investigations. Our investigators work alone or as multi-person surveillance teams to fluidly adapt to the complexity of any situation.  Background research provided by the Lions Gate Strategic Decision Support team further enhances our investigative capabilities.

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Polygraph Examiner

Lions Gate has five law enforcement trained and certified polygraph examiners available. In addition to polygraph exams, each are highly skilled interviewers, interrogators and truth verification experts.  These exclusive resources can be deployed in isolation for a specific task or to support other lines of investigation.

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Labour & Workplace Investigations Vancouver

Labour & Workplace Investigations

Lions Gate employs former law enforcement investigators to provide investigative support and expertise to companies experiencing problems stemming from alleged violations of federal or provincial legislation, or company policies. We work with clients to address complaints of harassment, discrimination, bullying, workplace violence, theft, fraud or other forms of misconduct in a timely and thorough manner. Our role is to gather factual, unbiased information; to document that information and evidence in a written report; and to participate in the appropriate legal processes as and when required. 

We work with our clients to design and implement mitigation strategies to reduce the threat and to protect employees and corporate assets.

Depending on the nature of the situation, additional labour and workplace support services are available:

  • Behavioural Threat Assessments
  • Surveillance
  • Close Protection /  Security Driver
  • Security Intelligence, including monitoring of social media
  • Threat Risk Vulnerability Assessments for business facilities and homes
  • High Risk Termination Support
  • Policy Review & Development

We work with our clients to implement mitigation strategies to reduce the threat and to protect employees and corporate assets.

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Background Checks

The SDS Team conducts background checks on candidates to highlight identifiable concerns for employers as part of a corporate vetting process.

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Background Checks Vancouver
High Risk Terminations

High Risk Terminations

Terminations can evolve from unpleasant to volatile situations. When they do, employee safety becomes a concern.

Lions Gate professionals are experienced in de-escalating and managing potentially violent situations. Our team will coordinate and develop a termination plan with your Management Team and Human Resource Department. If necessary, we will liaise with local law enforcement on your behalf should their response be required.

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